*******We are closed permanently*******



For record requests please Mail your release to Dr. Tran at:

Susan Tran, M.D.

1160 KEPLER DR.  BOX 8970



Do NOT Call. The staff will not know what to tell you about your records.

It will take at least two weeks to process your request. Put my name as the provider to release your records and make sure that there is a fax number for whomever will be receiving them. 

Records sent to anyone other than a provider will be charged per page in accordance with florida statutes so it would be easier if these are sent to your provider as those are free.

It has been an honor being your doctor. I will miss you all dearly and wish the best for all of you.  I left a little letter to all of you under the about us tab if you want to read it. TAKE CARE.

-Susan Tran, M.D.