Dear Former Patients:

As you transition to your new providers please know that I feel honored and privileged to have been your doctor.  You are all very dear to me.  If I could still be your doctor I would continue taking care of you and miss you all dearly.  I hope that I was able to help you and that you will all go forth and live a good life.

 Many of you have survived significant traumas and have learned a lot about your own strengths and weaknesses. Please remember all the useful things you have learned over the years in treatment and continue to grow in a positive way so that you can feel happy and confident. You deserve to be treated with respect and care by everyone in your life. Gently remind those who forget about this.  Also remember how you may come across as well.

Feel free to drop me a line at my future employment and let me know how you are doing.  

With respect and love,

Susan Tran, M.D.